Can Your Lip Size Change Over Time?

As we age, our skin changes due to the decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins for keeping the skin plump and healthy. The lips are a common area where this happens. As a result, with time, they become thinner. For some, this isn’t a major cause for concern. We all respond differently to changes in our appearance. However, if thinning lips are an area you’d like to address, there are ways to enhance your lips.

What Causes Thinning Lips?

Lips become thin and lose their natural fullness due to the gradual depletion of collagen and thinning lip muscles. As previously mentioned, collagen and elastin are natural proteins that our bodies product to provide skin health, suppleness, strength, and elasticity. Unfortunately, as we age, the rate at which our body produces these essential proteins greatly reduces over time. This results in various aesthetic changes, including the loss of fullness of the face and lips and the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s unfortunate that women produce less collagen than men, which means the thinning of the lips happens a lot earlier and more dramatically for women. Many people begin to notice thinning as early as their 20s.

In addition to age, collagen can decline for several different reasons, including:


    • UV damage— UV rays have been found to significantly decrease collagen structure.

    • Smoking— Cigarettes not only cause “smoker lines”; they can also dehydrate and cause the lips to look far less plump. Smoking limits the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues. Therefore, the tissue cannot regenerate and is more likely to become damaged.

    • Excessive inflammation— Inflammation caused by oxidative stress can be triggered by poor diet, irritation, pollution, or everyday stress and can lead to the loss of collagen.

    • Genetics— If you notice your parents or grandparents developing thin lips at a young age, this could also put you at risk of developing thin lips.

How To Avoid Thinning Lips?

Eventually, the passage of time takes its toll on us all. Fortunately, there are preventable treatments you can use to fend off these effects. Some of these are easy and can be done right at home.

One of the most beneficial things you can do to keep your lips plump and smooth is to stay hydrated. This is good advice to help preserve your general health, but your lips need moisture to stay full, so drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid alcoholic or sugary beverages. It’s also important to moisturize your lips externally with high-quality lip ointments, balms, and moisturizers infused with plumping properties like hyaluronic acid, collagen, or vitamin E.

Along with drinking plenty of water, you should also include a high protein and vitamin-C diet, which are essential to producing collagen. You should also avoid smoking. Smoking is a leading cause of thin lips, so if you’ve been smoking for years, the damage to your lips is another reason to officially give it up.

Treatments To Help Thin Lips

If the damage to your lips has already been done, or perhaps you were never blessed with a full, luscious pout, multiple cosmetic options can restore or create the beautiful, full lips you want. The first treatment option (possibly the most well-known and popular) is injectable dermal fillers. These fillers, once injected, help smooth our lip lines, add volume, and stimulate collagen production. For added precision and safety, Dr. Naz uses ultrasound to guide her placement of injectables, especially in delicate areas like the lips.

At Art of Lines in North Vancouver, BC, Dr. Naz offers the lip augmentation treatment Botox® lip flip. Using Botox® injections, Dr. Naz can lift the top and bottom lip for a subtle, natural-looking lip augmentation.

Ready For Your Lip Augmentation in North Vancouver, BC?

While your lips can change over time, there are ways to help restore volume that will involve zero downtime and provide you with full, natural lip augmentation results. Dr. Naz at Art of Lines is known for her feminine eye for beauty, attention to detail, and ability to listen and provide long-lasting results. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Naz, call (604) 973-1939 or complete our online consultation form today, and a member of our office will happily help you. We look forward to working with you soon

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