Meet Dr. Naz

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Meet Dr. Naz

At Art of Lines MD, Dr. Naz Baradaran believes and offers her uniquely holistic and personalized view of facial beauty. Rather than focusing on perceived flaws, Dr. Naz helps patients see how their features all work together to form a one-of-a-kind brand of beauty. Taking the necessary time with each patient, she identifies and explains how she can artfully modify these features with the use of Botox and Dermal Fillers to help restore each patient’s unique appearance

With quality care and individualized attention in mind, Dr. Naz helps her patients achieve their aesthetic goals through cosmetic medicine. She strongly believes that there is no one formula to create beauty for all–she uses the fundamentals to define the best procedure for each person.  She believes in retaining and enhancing each patient’s beautiful features to restore harmony and achieve an overall attractive and refreshed appearance. 

Her ultimate goal is that you feel the best about yourself after receiving the treatment at Art of Lines MD.

After becoming a physician, I slowly learned about the positive impact that looking like a better version of yourself (and not someone else) can have on my patient's confidence, mood and feelings. I love when my patients achieve their ideal look, improve their confidence and consequently become happier.

Medical Expertise and Cosmetic Enhancement

Our face is an intricate area of the body where many complicated muscles, nerves, tissues and blood vessels attach to the bone structure and are covered under the skin, working together to provide us with the most important functions we need to portray our emotions. The importance and complexity of this part of our body requires deep knowledge and skill for the person treating it. 

Years of education and experience in primary care medicine along with numerous specialized training sessions in facial injections has given Dr. Naz the necessary tools to ensure what she does is first and foremost safe for her patients, and will lead to the best and long lasting results.

Growing up in a medical family, the sense of helping people with their health and emotional wellbeing has been instilled in her. She finds great joy and gratification when she sees her patients content about how they look and feel the best about themselves. 

For Dr. Naz, cosmetic medicine is all about listening to her patients, observing the details and individual aspects that make a person beautiful, and developing a long-term trusted relationship with them. With an artistic eye for beauty and style, Dr. Naz appreciates that precise and subtle choices can create drastic enhancements for her patients. She ensures each patient receives individualized care and attention for all their needs.

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Q & A With Dr. Naz

In my cosmetic practice, I love when patients feel happier and more confident with themselves — when they feel comfortable in their skin and feel refreshed. I like when they tell me, “This is the ‘me’ I have missed in the mirror for some time.” I appreciate natural beauty and lasting elegance.

I can think of a few reasons for becoming a doctor. First, I come from a medical family. My dad was a gynecologist, and my mom was a nurse. From my early years, I saw the positive impact that my dad’s practice had on people and how appreciative they were for helping them deliver their babies and resolve other women’s health issues. 

On many occasions since I was 6 or 7, I used to accompany him to his clinic and help him and the patients out with different things around the clinic. I and my two siblings are so proud to follow my dad’s footsteps in helping people with their health.

Aesthetics has always been part of my life. Growing up, like many other girls, I was fascinated by beautiful people. Similarly to most other women and over the years, I’ve gained experience with my hands and have trained my eyes for beauty. I have always been drawn to lasting elegance  rather than following the latest fashions of the day. 

After becoming a physician, I gradually learned about the positive impact of helping my patients improve their confidence by looking like the better version of themselves. I love helping  my patients achieve their ideal look, improving confidence and consequently becoming happier. In many cases, it acts as a powerful mood booster. I am so gratified when my patients say they feel fantastic.

I am the mother of a 5 year old and as a busy professional I know and appreciate how a professional life and household duties can put a burden on women’s skin and mental status. I believe taking care of yourself can help replete much needed energy.

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