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  1. Don’t Sweat It: Tips for Excessive Sweating

    Sweat is an entirely natural bodily occurrence caused by hot temperatures, vigorous activities, or nerves. It’s the body’s way of naturally cooling itself down in hot conditions, keeping the skin hydrated, and maintaining electrolyte balance. When you start sweating in response to a stressful situation, it’s because your stress levels cause a rise in body… Read More

  2. Botox vs. Xeomin: Which Should I Choose?

    Botox and Xeomin are two of the most popular anti-aging injectable treatments used in the world today. Both injectable products are used for much the same purpose, but there are a few key differences between them that make one injectable a better choice for certain individuals. What Are Botox and Xeomin? Botox and Xeomin are… Read More

  3. The Different Ways Botox® Can Change your Face Shape

    Most people have heard that Botox® injections are the ultimate treatment to smooth signs of aging like wrinkles, frowns, and expression lines. This treatment is one of the most-wanted cosmetic procedures, so you probably know somebody that has enjoyed its rejuvenating benefits or at least read about it online or in a magazine. But did… Read More

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